Over four years after the album "Gran Turismo", The Cardigans are back with a new studio album entitled "Long Gone Before Daylight" which will be released end March 2003. The first single from the album will be "For What It's Worth".

Still in their twenties, Sweden's most popular woollies have already released four albums to date and won themselves global fame. Previously, and somewhat naively, described as "space-age bachelor pad music" their songs appear to be catchy and simple. The true underbelly is, however, astonishingly complex and sincere. If "Gran Turismo" flaunted a seductive maturity not fully developed on their previous recordings, "Long Gone Before Daylight" further proves that they still have more surprises in store! The new album consists of eleven great songs recorded in a more back to basics style - it's a real performance album and it has a warm organic flavour to it.